Our Factory

  • BTPL is a top producer and supplier of packaging products for consumer goods companies.
  • We are very efficient to run hot runner up to 64 cavities.
  • Our bi molding machine is for 2 color caps
  • Our molds are from famous brands like from Vasanta, KTW, Creative, Singapore tools craft etc. and origin of Austria, Germany, China, Korea, India, Singapore etc.

Printing & QC Facilities

  • We have machines for labelling, auto wading installation, induction sealing and auto neck cutting.
  • We also own a quality lab which is equipped with universal testing machine, MFI testing for RM, magnamike and 3D printer for prototype.
  • Our printing facility is enriched with various printing technology like heat transfer labelling, DOP, screen print, heat shrink tunnel etc.
  • Our 5 sets of labelling machine (Komak), dehumidifier, temperature controller and ultrasonic sound machines also enriched our technical portfolio.

FG & RM Storage

  • Have sufficient space FG storage
  • All FG stock are kept on pallet with proper labeling
  • The business buys petrochemical based resins from renowned brands of the world.

Maintenance Facilities

  • Strong maintenance team who can handle critical maintenance (i.e. full hot runner system mold maintenance)
  • Daily lubrication and cleaning in each running machine are the part of daily maintenance process.
  • All services equipment such as chiller, compressor, generator etc. are cleaned and checked in weekly basis.
  • Preventive maintenance in each machine is being carried out once in a month as per check list.

Workshop Facilities

Small items breakdown issues are fixed through our in house workshop facilities